Why should DT Safety Solution's
represent your organisation?

"No more wasted live's" training program

We take full responsibility of all your health and safety needs by this being out of house you get a more honest direct approach while work with your designated representative. 

We have helped many companies transform their current health and safety system and maximise their powers to ensure their work force are safe physically and mentally while at work.


No matter how big or small the company you will get the same bespoke service throughout because we are determined to be leaders and carry on leading the way in promoting positive health and safety cultures across the nation. contact us for up to a hours free advice on making your fist step to promoting a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

''Our positive approach to a more positive health and safety culture is one like no other company has ever had''

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Any organisation can have the paper work in place and pass a audits and inspections but if your workforce are not supporting your company values then it is all a pointless exercise.

So how do you get you employees on side here is the solution this single day training course is the easiest way to join a nationally recognised training program.

Free enrolment into the speak up speak out scheme 

Click the link below to find out more and see who has already joined this training program that has been classed as


"The best employee training program the industry has seen in at least 10 year"

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